Kyle Hamrick (Illustration by Jesse Graber)

Illustration by Jesse Graber

Hi! I'm a motion designer, video editor & Adobe-certified software trainer based in Kansas City, where I live with my wife, son, dog, and tortoise.

I think it's important to use creative skills for good - making videos for new apps and widgets is fine (and necessary), but using these skills to help make (some tiny part of) the world a better place? That's where it's at. Share your knowledge, help an important cause look better, etc. - you'll see rewards from it, both tangible and otherwise. 

I've created everything from animated explainer videos to live event visuals; from IMAX documentaries to full graphics packages for professional sports franchises. My work has aired on ABC, Fox and FXX, been shown in 11 major league sports venues, and been awarded a Mid-America Emmy. Lately, I'm spending most of my time creating educational & edu-tainment content for motion designers and aspiring motion designers. 
I get to do something I enjoy and make a living from it - mission accomplished, I'd say. 

Want to work together? Please feel free to get in touch.