I am available for live or virtual training, consulting and other presentations on Adobe video products, motion design, animation, video editing, multimedia production, post-production workflows, and more. I offer multi-day boot camp courses as well as customized training sessions.

I've been working in multimedia production since 2003 and love creating things. After becoming an Adobe User Group Manager 10 years ago, I discovered a talent and love for teaching these skills to others. Since then, I have become an in-person trainer for After Effects and Premiere Pro in cities around the Midwest. I've been an animation instructor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and have presented at national/international conferences like Adobe Video WorldNAB Post|Production WorldKeyframes Conference, and Adobe MAX

In addition to being an Adobe Certified Instructor, I'm also an Adobe Community Expert, which means you can often find me answering questions on the official Adobe forums (and numerous Slack & Facebook groups).

After a few years as a teaching assistant and content contributor for School of Motion, I'm now a Creative Director on their staff, creating tutorials, hosting live events, organizing partnership campaigns and more. 
Software and skills I teach & advise about:
After Effects 
Premiere Pro  Photoshop  Illustrator  Audition  Character Animator
 Motion Design  Compositing
VFX  Video Editing  Video Production
 Workflow  Expressions  Technical Rigging  Freelancing

Selected Tutorial Content
See more on the School of Motion & Adobe MAX pages!

Here's a series of five short tutorials I created for Adobe, as part of a larger series aimed at helping new users understand After Effects. In these videos, I cover the features and functions of Masks, Blending Modes, Track Mattes, Parenting & Null Objects, and Timeline Workflow Tips.

One the first segment of this two-part Adobe live stream, I appear alongside the members of After Effects development team, discuss the ways I use After Effects and Premiere together in my workflows, and talk through the ways I leverage this in one of my favorite projects. On the second part, Adobe's Dacia Saenz and I walk through the process of using After Effects to spice up a piece of existing footage, using several accessible tools and techniques.