If you like silly After Effects puns, you're in luck;
I've got some available as t-shirts!
The project files from my #Textperiments project are available for pay-what-you-want. I hope you find them interesting!
I have a variety of After Effects tools and presets I'm working to make available.
Here's the first!
Everyday tools that make my life easier:
(Yes, some of these are affiliate links, but they're all products I use regularly and believe in!)
I've come to really love Wipster for client review & team collaboration. 
So much smoother than trying to get/give feedback via jumbled emails! 
Check it out for yourself!
Cushion is a web-based app for time tracking, project planning and financial forecasting, aimed specifically at freelancers. I started using it at the beginning of this year, and have really been digging it. You can check it out yourself free for 30 days.
I'm obviously all-in on Adobe projects. Having a unified ecosystem of creative apps (some even available on the go!) is pretty great. Adobe's been leading the industry on creative tools for a long time, and for good reason.
If your files don't exist in multiple places, they might as well not exist. Eventually, a hard drive will fail - how much of your time (and your clients' content) are you willing to wager? Backblaze is an easy, set-it-and-forget it backup solution.