After a few years as a teaching assistant and content contributor for School of Motion, I've been on staff since 2020, and am now Creative Director handling Marketing and Partnerships. 
In my time with SOM, I've created tutorials and course content, developed marketing and social media animations for our brand, hosted and produced live streams and other events, organized multiple partnership campaigns and events with Adobe, created motion & experiential content for our ever-growing alumni community, and several other things it's even more complicated to describe. 
I'm a ... motion designer / producer / host / creator / edu-tainment guy?
Selected Tutorials:
Live Stream Playlists:
I've worked with Adobe to create multiple campaigns and events for existing motion designers, and to welcome designers and editors to the world of motion. 

Working with Adobe to help publicize an upcoming feature, the multi-part Mogrt Madness event demonstrated new prerelease media replacement template features to our private alumni community, inspiring them to create templates that were then released to the public for further creativity and experimentation. 
The #mogrtmadness hashtag on Instagram was largely co-opted by others after the event, but hey, I consider that a success!

To coincide with the long-delayed 2020 summer Olympics, we created the Mograph Games, a 10-day social media challenge/inspiration for motion designers of all skill levels. 
Each day began with a brief outlining "events" like Render Wrestling and Freestyle Compositing, along with an example created by SOM staff or teaching assistants. Participants had 24 hours to submit their own versions of the challenges, with daily and overall winners chosen via social media and on a closing ceremonies live stream.​​​​​​​#mographgames on Instagram

Working in partnership with Adobe, we assembled a 4-hour live interactive workshop event, introducing designers and other non-animators to After Effects for animating social media content. We had over 1,000 attendees join live, with a replay of the event available here.